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IMG_0624Wine enthusiast has ranked us an 87 for our Zinfandel! The highest ranking was 93, which puts us in 4th place on the online list. Thanks to all of our fans for your continuing support

“Don’t confuse this great California Zinfandel with the high-alcohol, port-like styles that dominate the category, or, worse, with white zin. This wine is medium-full-bodied, lush and velvety, with raspberry, chocolate, black berry and cherry, medium alcohol and tannins. Finishes with hints of spice and sweet strawberry vanillan. I keep a notebook with the few wines I taste that really leave a lasting impression. This one made the list.”

–PLCB Wine Buyer Steve Pollack 


Leonhardt Vineyards was established in Dry Creek Valley in 2000. Behind our choice of location lay a simple philosophy. The finest wines can only be crafted from the highest quality grapes. With its magical combination of soil and climate, Dry Creek Valley is home to vineyards that produce a range of cool to warm climate grapes that are among the finest in the world. That’s why, when we found Dry Creek Valley, we knew we’d found home. We go to great lengths to grow and select the finest fruit from the county’s best estates because we want to make sure every bottle with our name on it contains an extraordinary wine we can be proud of. Wine that reflects both the excellence of the region’s grapes and the devotion and care of our winemaker. So whenever you enjoy our wines, what you’re really getting a flavor of is our Dry Creek grapes and our passion for winemaking. Click here to view photos of our vineyard.


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