Your contributions are being collected by Deedly, a 501c3 who will split the proceeds equally between  Together 1 Heart, New Light, Maiti Nepal so we can help people who have been enslaved and silenced through sex trafficking around the world Since inception in 2012, 18for18 has raised over $400,000 and reached over 81 million people with our anti sex trafficking awareness campaign. We ask you to choose one day a year to face your fears and represent the estimated 1.2M women and children that will be sold into sex trafficking this year alone. Use your platform and your voice to stand up for those who have been enslaved and silenced. This year we are proud to announce our partnership with Hudson! Peter Kim, Hudson’s CEO has been a prominent supporter and top fundraiser for Project Rescue over the the past 2 years. We are incredibly excited to work with both brand and the founder! OUR GOAL: $150,000!!! We work closely with the top non-profits in this field, donating 100% of what we raise through the jump. WHAT A DOLLAR CAN DO: • $1 a day can provide additional nutrition for a sex trafficking survivor with HIV or AIDS • $3 can provide fresh vegetables for 3 days for a survivor • $10 can provide a month of medicine for an infant below the age of 2yrs • $25 can provide food and accommodation for a week for a victim of human trafficking with HIV or AIDS • $150 is enough to cover all the expenses for an outreach team to get to a survivor of human trafficking plus hygiene materials for a month • $400 can provide a month of dance rehabilitation therapy for 400 residents at New Light


Source: Project Rescue 18 for 18 | Project Rescue’s Fundraiser