Ben Heller, pitcher for the New York Yankees, is visiting Guatemala this December for a mission trip to visit Dorie’s Orphanage and all the kiddos there!

He’s ‘pitching in’ & fundraising money for a few different things:
-Christmas gifts for the kids at Dorie’s Promise Orphanage
-A group trip to Chuck E. Cheese with the kids (they are usually sponsored to go once a year and haven’t had a trip there yet!)
-Ovens and water filters for families in impoverished communities*
-Gifts for the employees at Dorie’s who work hard to love and care for the kids

*The “stove project” is basically buying stoves that do not cause smoke and work more efficiently in their homes. A lot of people in the community have stoves that cause a lot of smoke, which affects their health. The stoves are only about $132 each so its an easy way to give into the community there surrounding the orphanage and leave something that will have a lasting effect on the families there. They also expressed a (constant) need for water filters, so we will get some of those as well!*

Heller’s goal is to raise enough money to pay for gifts for the kids and workers at the orphanage, the Chuck E. Cheese visit, and then as many ovens and water filters as possible!

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Source: Christmas Visit Guatemala Orphanage