A Promise for Education


California’s best hope for a brighter future rests with its students. Make a promise and rally your network to raise scholarship funds for UC students.

For generations the University of California has been a launch pad for people who have gone on to change the state and the world. Our promise, as a public research university, has always been to provide the brightest Californians a world-class education at an affordable price.In fact, we enroll more low-income students than any other top-flight U.S. university. But the last five years of deep budget cuts have led to higher tuition and left some students without the financial help they rely on to graduate. Nearly half of the applicants to UC campuses in 2013 indicated they’d be the first in their families to graduate from college, but concerns about how to pay for it prevents some students from believing it’s even possible.

Now it’s time for your promise.

Promise for Education is a crowdfunding effort taking place this fall. We’re asking everyone – students, alumni, UC fans, celebrities and concerned citizens – to make a promise (take up the didgeridoo, adopt a kitten, skydive – anything!), and through the power of your social networks raise funds that will benefit undergraduate students from California who have a demonstrated financial need.

HOW IT WORKS1. Log on to PromiseForEducation.org and make a promise (silly, serious, whatever). An example is “I promise to ride a unicycle everyday for a week.” (possibly link to more promises)

2. After you make a promise, set a crowdfunding goal. It can be any amount – $100, $1,000, $25k, whatever you think your social network will support.

3. Blast your promise out to your social network through Facebook, Twitter and/or email.

4. Everyone who receives your message is directed to your personalized page on
PromiseForEducation.org where they can contribute money toward your goal.

5. The money you (and everyone else) raises will go directly to help fund scholarships across the University of California system.


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Congrats to Charlsie Chang of UC Santa Cruz, who got hangout with George Takei and John Cho to fulfill a Promise for Education. Live long and prosper!

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Photo Credit: A Promise for Education


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Get ready for Jamie Foxx’s rap — in the voices of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Mo’nique. It’s his Promise for Education, part of UC’s crowdfunding effort to support undergraduate students.


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