Celebrities light up social media for #WorldCancerDay! Star studded philanthropists Paula Abdul, Pele, Paul Manners, Jan Jeffcoat, Meghan McCain, Salil Sand, Michele C. Massari, Dany Bahar, Dai Manuel, Daniel Lacalle, Lucy Brummit, Lori Shemeck, Derrick Worsley, Siddharth Chatterjee and many more shed light on the official day for World Cancer Awareness. World Cancer Day, led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), every year rallies the world’s voices against what the World Health Organization (WHO) recently recognised for the first time as the leading cause of global morbidity. See which celebs are givingback @CelebWhoGive!


World Cancer Day raises awareness of the millions of people world-wide facing unequal access to cancer detection, treatment, and care services. With cancer leaders, health professionals and supporters across the world pushing for urgent action to reduce the rate of premature cancer deaths globally, the day calls for diagnostic and treatment access to be prioritized.

Professor Sanchia Aranda, President of UICC and CEO of Cancer Council Australia:
“Set in 2011, the World Health Organization’s target to cut premature NCD deaths by 25% within 14 years is coming towards its half way mark. We can meet the target, but more action than ever will be required. Inequality in access to prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care makes reducing premature deaths from cancer difficult. If we are committed to achieving this goal, we must act quickly and decisively to make access to cancer services more equal all around the world.”

UICC is asking you to lend your voice and support to this global movement.
We’re aiming to save millions of lives, engage decision-makers and inspire supporters to take action in the fight against cancer. 2018 will be the last year of the ‘We can. I can.’ three-year campaign which highlights the powerful actions that we can all take – as a collective and as individuals – to reduce the impact of cancer.

This is the most important part. Our message, “We can, I can”, is all about you, your action and your community. We want you to share your thoughts and experiences: what are you doing now and what do you want policy makers to start doing now, to help raise awareness and aid against cancer?

It is all about action. Below are our 19 key messages – which one works for you?

We can: inspire action, take action
We can: prevent cancer now
We can: create healthy schools
We can: create healthy workplace
We can: create healthy cities
We can: support others to return to work
We can: challenge perceptions
We can: improve access to cancer care
We can: shape policy change
We can: build a quality workforce
We can: make the case for investing in cancer control
We can: join forces to make a difference
I can: make health lifestyle choices
I can: understand that early detection saves lives
I can: take control of my cancer journey
I can: love, and be loved
I can: ask for support
I can: make my voice heard
I can: return to work

We’re asking you to hold up the World Cancer Day selfie-card with one of the key messages that means most to you, take a photo and share it with your social media followers with the official hashtags: #WorldCancerDay and #WeCanICan

You can download and print out the selfie-cards here.

Share the social media ready-made messages

Today is #WorldCancerDay! Help spread the message that #WeCanICan take action to help prevent & fight #cancer: bit.ly/WCD2018

4 February is #WorldCancerDay! Help spread the message that #WeCanICan do something to fight #cancer: bit.ly/WCD2018

Join the global effort on #WorldCancerDay to raise #cancer awareness and press everyone across the world to take action! #WeCanICan

On #WorldCancerDay help raise awareness that there’s much that can be done to fight #cancer at an individual & collective level. #WeCanICan

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