Ellen Ratner (born in Cleveland, Ohio) is a news analyst on the Fox News Channel and appears on The Strategy Room and The Long and Short of It. She is also White House Correspondent and Bureau Chief for the Talk Radio News Service, covering the White House and is heard on over 400 radio stations across the US. Her brothers are New York City-based developer Bruce Ratner and attorney Michael Ratner.
She is the author of Ready, Set, Talk! A Guide to Getting Your Message Heard by Millions on Talk Radio, Talk Television, and Talk Internet (2006), 101 Ways to Get Your Progressive Ideas on Talk Radio (1997), and The Other Side of the Family: A Book for Recovery from Abuse, Incest and Neglect (1990).
She is also a publisher. Changing Lives Press recently came out with a satire of her brother’s Atlantic Yards saga. Ratner attended Goddard College and, for a Masters in Education, Harvard University. Ellen Ratner is married to Cleveland resident Cholene Espinoza. Reference

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Talk Radio News Service ‘s Ellen Ratner discusses documentary Fight to Live.

Photo Credit: Talk Radio News Service

The drugs, the patients’ stories, and pushing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to make the right choices. Read Full Article

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