E. Smitty is a Producer/Engineer & Owner/Founder of Sound Alive Studios & also a Manager/Consultant & the CEO of Sound Alive Records. His journey with music began when he was 14, & by his freshman year in college, he’d established his first production company & record label. In the following 5 years, Smitty would produce over 25 complete albums & sell over 150,000 physical copies of my music. In 2010 he signed a distribution deal with Universal, deals with Fat Beats & other Indie labels followed. Through out his journey, he has built a power house social media network, He’s produced hundreds of records, mixed & mastered thousands & helped countless artists and musicians achieve their dreams. Smitty’s experience has made him one of the most sought after independent Producer’s/Engineer’s in the industry & allowed him to work with Grammy winning, Gold, Platinum & independent artists/musicians/labels & earn major endorsements from #Focusrite & FLStudio.  Sound Alive Studio is a private facility/studio brand, for inquiries contact: soundalivenow@gmail.com or call 678.829.2238

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