Howard Leonhardt is an inventor and serial entrepreneur.  He has 20 U.S. patents for products for treating cardiovascular and heart disease.  These include;  cardiovascular balloon catheters, stent grafts for aneurysm repair, percutaneous heart valves, heart pacemakers with stem cell recruiting capabilities, electrical stimulation devices for promoting blood flow, electrical stimulation device for converting stem cells to heart muscle, stem cell compositions for heart repair, stem cell delivery systems, biological pacemakers and artificial lung catheter.  His TALENT stent graft developed in the early 1990′s holds a leading world market share for repairing aortic aneurysms without surgery.  His inventions have treated over 140,000 patients in 60 countries. In early 1999 Leonhardt founded Bioheart, Inc. a leader in applying adult muscle stem cells to treat heart failure.  Bioheart has raised over $105 million in paid in capital and additionally $40 million in loans and grants.  Bioheart MyoCell is in Phase II/III clinical trials at 33 leading centers in the USA (The MARVEL Study).  MARVEL Phase II/IIIa part I results were published in the American Heart Journal October of 2011 and demonstrated Bioheart MyoCell patients improved 95.7 meters in exercise capacity over placebo patients receiving optimal CHF drugs, whom declined minus 4 meters.  Leonhardt holds a Diploma in International Trade from Anoka Technical College.  He attended the University of Minnesota and Anoka Ramsey Community College.  He holds an honorary Doctorate in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Northern California and is an honorary alumnus of the University of Florida and Florida International University where he has served on various boards.  He was South Florida Entrepreneur of the Year 2003 and State of Florida Entrepreneur of the Year 2004.  Leonhardt has founded 20 companies to date, most them majority funded by his venture firm Leonhardt Ventures and their associated angel  These include;  The California Stock, Kindheart Lionheart Adventures, MyoStim Pacers, Leonhardt Vineyards, Leonhardt’s Launchpads, Kindheart Lionheart Media, Stem Cell Bra and Wine Country  Leonhardt helps lead Startup California a region of the Startup America Partnership as a spokesperson on the JOBS ACT and Crowdfunding.   He founded the public policy institute The Entrepreneurship Party www.entrepreneurshipparty.comin 2006 and is an independent candidate for the Governorship of California 2014 and

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