The Colorado-based Paralympian and Purple Heart Recipient Gains Momentum With The H-Train Show on Military Brotherhood Radio

After suffering a traumatic brain injury and leg paralyzation while serving in Baqubah, Iraq, Joel Hunt has beat the odds by competing as a paralympian skier in the 2014 Paralympics in Sochi, Russia. Hunt was the first to compete in the Paralympics with his aforementioned brain injury. He is now the host of The H-Train Show, a podcast that is devoted to sharing the stories of veterans. Hunt volunteers his time for this podcast as a way to give back to his fellow veterans.

The H-Train Show is broadcast on Military Brotherhood Radio, which prides itself on being “radio with a reason.” The show features interviews with former veterans, those involved with veteran assistance, as well as notable public figures. Hunt’s intent with the podcast is to see that veterans get recognition and inform them of programs that exist in addition to Veterans’ Affairs.

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Hunt joined the Army in 1998 and was injured during his third deployment in Iraq and had to return home to the care of his parents. He soon learned how to continue life in a wheelchair. His parents urged him to attend a military ski camp in 2008 which tested his strength and tenacity. He became nationally ranked by the 2009-2010 ski season, leading him to the Canadian nationals where he qualified for the World Cup and Paralympics in Sochi, Russia. Following his participation in Russia in 2014, Hunt retired from skiing and began volunteering full-time with his radio show.

Hunt was born and raised in Kokomo, Indiana and is now recognized as the first Paralympian from his hometown. He has gained recognition for his athletic talent across the nation, and was given a Purple Heart from Forgotten Heroes. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado with his loving and supportive wife, Kassie Hunt.

Hunt has appeared in USA Today, CBS Local, and The Hollywood Reporter. He is dedicated to sharing his story as a way to provide a voice for injured veterans and to teach others that, tough times don’t last, but tough people do. To interview Hunt on his story or about his podcast, please reach out to the PR contact above for arrangements.

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