Quincy Jones Awards $15k in scholarships at the American Film Institute

Event Details: Quincy Jones, Prof. Adrian David Cheok, and Editor-in-Chief Newton Lee presented the ACM Computers in Entertainment Annual Scholarship Award to three outstanding students who have won the research paper competition. The students: Alan Kay, one of the earliest pioneers of object-oriented programming, personal computing, and graphical user interfaces. Seamus Blackley, A co-creator of the Xbox gaming platform at Microsoft, and an agent at the Creative Artists Agency (CAA). Seymour Papert, considered the world’s foremost expert on how technology can provide new ways for children to learn.

Nonprofit Cause: The Annual Scholarship Awards reception co sponsored by the American Film Institute (AFI) and organizated by the Institute for Education, Research and Scholarships (IFERS) in association with the Association for Computing Machinery and ACM Computers in Entertainment. Quincy Jones has been an editorial board member of ACM since 2003. ACM Computers is a nonprofit publication promoting education in entertainment technology including computer games, movies and music.

More Information: www.afi.com