A little about Giovanna (me):

I am a mom of three who started her company, Not Just a Pretty Plate after her experience as a competitor on NBC’s Strong. Her platform is all about helping women turn their insecurities into strengths, starting with a focus on self care.

For a great visual, take a look at her instagram: https://www.instagram.com/giovanna_cicerchia/

And lastly, this is my site bio, which I think perfectly captures my awesome-ness:

“A mom of three committed to a healthy balance of diet, exercise, Elf on the Shelf, handmade Valentines, Dubsmash videos and grandma’s china. A wife who knows that humor and healthy sacrifices (not unhealthy choices) keep a home happy. A woman best described as a filled-to-the-rim tall goblet of fresh squeezed lemonade; sweet, hit-the-spot satisfaction with a hint of sour and worth picking out the seeds for. A friend who wants to raise up a fierce army of strong females who recognize their potential for positive change. A gym junkie who believes the best workout is when your mascara runs faster than you do. A DIY maven on a mission to find the perfect red lipstick and deliver delicious meal prep ideas. She may know more about kitchens and kettle bells than conjunctions (grammar term!), but she strives to accept every challenge with grace, humility and a killer attitude. Adores her kids, can’t get enough of her husband, always calling after her dog.”


  • health & fitness influencer
  • Motivational speaker
  • Children Advocacy, Family, Health, Hunger, Influencer / Social Movement, Leadership, Spiritual, Women's Advocacy
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