Seth Leitman is an Electric Car Expert and a real Green Living Guru. He’s also The Green Living Guy. Seth has worked for the State of NY & has become a green expert on everything from electric cars, green schools, LED green lighting, indoor air quality & alternative fueled vehicles. He also serves as Program Manager of Drive Electric Hudson Valley in New York & Founding President of the Greater Hudson Valley Electric Auto Association.

In addition, Seth developed the Green Guru Guides series of books in 2010 with TAB DIY McGraw-Hill. These green living expert guides focus on making Eco tech work for you. Due to his love for education, Seth is donating the Green Guru Guides books to schools and libraries across the United States. A prolific blogger, he has been featured on TV and videos representing major corporations like Panasonic USA about Tesla Powerwall, Tesla Model 3 and Solar Shingles. The Green Guru Guides are a series of books offering the environmentally conscious consumer and hobbyist authoritative, practical, and fun do-it-yourself green living information. It shows the reader how to do a particular task, whether it’s building a new energy-efficient vehicle, greening a particular task, or greening an entire home. The Green Guru Guides’ covers and interior pages printed on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved, acid-free papers containing 100% post-consumer fiber.

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