Stephan Smith Collins is a Chicago boy on a life-long quest to be warm.  As a child and young adult, he never got used to the cold winters which eventually left him no alternativebut to leave The Windy City.  Stephan studied vocal performance at NorthwesternUniversity.  However, after his first year in the School of Music, he switched to Businessreceiving a degree in Organizational Theory and Practice.  After considering a career in Change Management Consulting, he wised up and decided to try his hand at bartendinginstead.  From there, his career pursuits lead him to the world of entertainment where he served as Morning Show Producer for Chicago’s WPNT 100.3 FM and eventually Associate Producer of the Jerry Springer Show where he created such intellectually stimulating gems as Ex-Con Make-Overs, The Lottery Ruined My Life and The Cult Therapist.   In the winter of ’92, when the wind chill factor forced the temperature to plummet to near 80 degrees below zero, resulting in Public Service Announcements warning Chicagoans that the extreme cold may damage their retinal surface by instantly freezing exposed eyes, Stephan hit the road heading for the warm of the west.  He drove non-stopuntil he arrived in Seattle, WA barely thawed.  In Seattle, Stephan went back to his firstlove radio, and sold radio advertising for over ten years.  Along the way, Stephan wastransferred to San Francisco, and moved into Sales Management.  A few years later,Stephan heard a voice speaking to him.  The voice simply said… “A man who is not livingtrue to his passion is a man who is not living true to himself.”  Even if it wasschizophrenia, he found it sound advice.   He left his long career in radio to pursue his dreams of becoming a full-time “ham forhire.”  Stephan is still very passionately “hamming it up!” Reference

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