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ZURIEL Gibson is the eldest of five children and was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. She was often declared as the “different” one and shunned due to the vastness of her dreams. However, though sometimes disheartened, she continued to persevere in spite of naysayers with the vibrant attitude of winning in life. That very posture contributed to her success as the CEO of Blue Wings Home Health Services and more than fifteen years as an industry fashion and print model. However, as a young independent woman making life happen, she wasn’t prepared to hear the news that would prove to paralyze her very world as she knew it. The doctors diagnosed Zuriel with lupus and said that she wouldn’t live past the age of twenty-four. Due to her ignorance, she immediately thought that her dreams were no longer attainable; life was over.

After many bouts with depression, pain, addictions and hospital stays, Zuriel became discontent and decided to use her pain to propel her into purpose. As a lupus survivor and advocate, she has become a much sought after speaker. Her message, “There is purpose in your pain”, has been shared on numerous media outlets such as The Kingdom Broadcast Network, Destiny Channel TV, Something Good is About to Happen, The Ladies Room Radio
Broadcast and more.

As CEO of The Gibson Lupus Autoimmune Resource Center and Zuriel Gibson Inc., this Lupie Chic On the Go won her first pageant title as the 2013 Ms. United America first runner-up. She has also displayed her ability to thrive as she graced runways such as the Rock Star Runway. She’s modeled for designers such as MiShi, Nuzri, E*Lady and All 4 U Boutique and appeared as guest model in the video Walk Like a Model by Artist Ms. Rae.

In 2017, Zuriel was honored as an award recipient of the Real Housewives of Houston and has been featured in 411 Magazine and the Real Housewives of Houston Golden Publications. The resiliency that this champion for many has demonstrated in her fight to win helps bring new life to those diagnosed with lupus or the mere disease of quitting on life. Ms. Gibson is the epitome of a woman that thrives beyond the odds. She knows exactly what it feels like to fight through doubt, fear and disappointments. Her goal is to continue helping others win against lupus through education, resources and advocacy. She is proof that you can live a successful life with the right attitude, a made up mind and taking the proper actions to make a difference. You Can Dream Again…

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Zuriel Gibson

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